Willsence Masticating Slow Juice Extractor

One of the perfect ways to get the full nutrients from fruits and vegetables is through juicing. It is the belief of most nutritionist, and that can only be achieved through the use of masticating juicers. Here is another from the clique of the best in the market and it is known as Willsence Slow Juice Extractor.

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It arrived in a box, and it’s partly assembled which means anyone can do the other part of the installation without the assistance of an expert. If you are familiar with the use or operation, the MWillsence Slow Juice Extractor wouldn’t be difficult to use for you. But for those who are moving away from centrifugal juicer to masticating juicer, you must be fully aware they operate differently, and one among many other to consider is the Willsence Slow Juice Extractor.


How to operate the Willsence Slow Juice Extractor

The very first thing you need to do is to remove everything you found in the case and fix the other parts to it. Right in the package, you will find the main juicer body, the cleaning brush, juice cup, pulp cup and the user manual as a guide to anyone.

Some important things you need to know about the juicer is that it consumes power worth 150 watts with the voltage of 120 V, 60 HZ. It works slowly with the speed of 60 to 60 RPM. It is powered by electricity, so you need to find a power socket that is within reach of the 4 feet cord length of the juicer.

Once you have everything set, you can insert the fruit or vegetable inside the tube through the opening and then allow the juicer machine gets the work done. Take note of the fact that it isn’t a grinder but a squeezer which means you get all the full nutrients you should get from the fruits or vegetables.

Now that you have the fruits or vegetables in the tube and the juicer is running, the squeezer will squeeze the juice out of whatever you have in the container and expel the pulp straight into the black pulp cup, and the juice will be released slowly beneath into the transparent juice cup.

Different fruits and vegetables can be used with the Masticating Juicer, Willsence Slow Juice Extractor such as cabbage, wheatgrass, kale, carrot, spinach, apple and orange. There has been lots of concern about the peel of each fruit if the juicer will peel them off, but from experience with the Masticating Juicer, Willsence Slow Juice Extractor, it will get them out as pulp, so you have not to worry about peeling the fruits.

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  • The amazing, touching part of the juicer is that every part of it is dishwasher safe
  • 5 adjustable ring suitable for different kind of fruits and vegitables
  • The juicer is very easy to operate and to wash and keep clean as well is easier to do
  • It doesn’t make noise as it works slowly without any means of heat-up or oxidation
  • It has a reverse function which means you can easily control in cases whereby the squeezer gets clogged.
  • It different look and feel compared to other juicers.
  • Small enough to fit in your small kitchen


• The only setback is that it isn’t the ideal option for those who love to get their juice on the go.


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If you are looking for a new juicer or you are in the market to replace the old one, Masticating Juicer, Willsence Slow Juice Extractor is one to consider. It has no limitation to what it can do, but it is a great perfect for juicing wheatgrass also.

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