Ways to Drink Apple Cidar Vinegar

Apple cedar vinegar is a fermented drink extracted from apples. Its content is highly concentrated with acetic acid. It has myriad therapeutic benefits. For example its regular consumption like few hours to bed is highly effective in minimizing the risk of gaining excess weight, diabetes and heart disorders among other health risks. It is also implicated to a curvaceous healthier complexion, remedy to bloating and upset stomach. However, there are recommended ways to drink apple cedar vinegar in your day by day life and the merits associated to taking apple cedar vinegar are supper abundant. It is nutritiously rich hence an assurance of the provision of solid defense against malnutrition disorders. Additionally it has the magic of accentuating the flavor to your meals and uniqueness to every spot of your apartment. Below are the best ways of drinking apple cedar vinegar;

Ways to Drink Apple Cidar Vinegar

Intake to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is quite prevalent among the world’s populace and considering the severity of the number of people dogged with this health pandemic it is expedient to leave nothing to chance in as far as prevention is concerned. Having a gulp of the apple cedar vinegar improves the sensitivity of the insulin which is known to be the controller of the type two diabetes. Mixture of two table spoons, 30ml of apple cedar vinegar, 177 ml of water, 59ml of cranberry juice and splatter of lime juice will make you good to go.

Intake to reduce weight

Apple cedar vinegar exists in various supermarkets though they are not of the same quality. The pasteurized and filtered apple cedar vinegar is completely different from the raw unfiltered one. For example the best famous brand is Bragg’s organic apple cedar vinegar. Apple cedar vinegar combined with a tonic fruit juice should be taken prior to every meal. The content should have 1 cup of grape fruit juice blended properly with 2 table spoons of apple cedar vinegar in a juicing jar. One is at liberty to try a different fruit juice with an apple cedar vinegar and it should be able to disguise it fairly well, it is an advantage health wise to choose juices that are rich in vitamin C .The consumer is cautioned from taking juice cocktails which are commonly sugary. The ability of the apple cedar vinegar to facilitate emulsification (breakdown of fats and oils or fat burning) is implicated to the acetic acid content in it. Drinking water and low calorie liquid before meals is essential as it results into little consumption.

Intake for heart health

A substitution of daily intake of oil and salad with apple cedar vinegar is a wise choice to make as it is linked to critical health merits. This has been evidenced in minimizing the risk of heart disorders .For effectiveness in reducing the hypertension it is advisable to drink apple cedar vinegar with water, juice or tea as was the case in losing weight.

Intake to soothe a sore throat

If you got a manifestation through some signs and symptoms that you have an imminent soar problem it would be advisable to mix a quarter cup of apple cedar vinegar with equal amount of water that is warm and drink. This will for sure inhibit the icky cold-causing germs as well as the bacteria from being active. This is implicated to its quality to create acidic habitat which is unfavorable to virulent. Additionally a blend of apple cedar vinegar, warm water, and honey and cayenne paper can be effective too.

Intake to clear sinuses

A staffed- up nose is really maddening and grueling. The mixture of apple cedar vinegar with warm water will deactivate the bacteria hence stopping them from thriving. This will undoubtedly clear the sinuses and help you regain easier breathing.

Intake for detoxification

Apple cedar vinegar can be sweetened by adding 5 drops of stevia or 5ml (a tea spoon) of honey. When this is incorporation is made into the daily meal certainly it will advance blood circulation thus strengthening the immunity of the body tonic.


Whatever has a merit must also have a demerit and apple cedar vinegar is not an exception. Therefore the following precautions should be taken when dealing with it.

  • It has high acidic content which may affect the esophagus and by extension has unfriendly taste hence should not be taken directly. Its blending with water and other juices will be essential.
  • Apple cedar vinegar has got the potential to lower potassium levels hence should not be taken as supplement to potassium.
  • Arthritis victims should desist from taking apple cedar vinegar since it may prove disastrous.
  • Those who frequently encounter heartburn or peptic ulcers and the victims of the acid reflux disease are forbidden from drinking the apple cedar vinegar.
  • Do not drink apple cider vinegar if you have acid reflux disease, frequent heartburn or peptic ulcers.
  • It’s highly acidic nature is detrimental for the tooth enamel when oral consumption is undertaken. This results into tooth decolourisation. This can be prevented by using the straw during consumption.
  • It is vital to consider the term labels on the bottles before purchasing any apple cedar vinegar. This will minimize some of the fatal effects such as skin and hair trouble associated to its highly acidic content.

The apple cedar vinegar is a versatile juice and can be taken into various ways and by extension has diverse health qualities. For example its application on the skin has the power to fight fungus and bacteria hence healing acne leaving you an attractive curvaceous complexion. Having two tea spoons of apple cedar vinegar per two cups of water and addition of a little honey will really create the best concoction. It is high time folks divorced those other dangerous bottles they are glued to because they pose a wider range of health issues to one’s life. Natural booster that contains apple cedar vinegar is the un-regrettable way to go.


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