Tribest SoloStar II Juicer Reviews: Multi-Purpose Juicer

SoloStar II is the latest model added by Tribest to its collection of Solostar juicing line. As expected from SoloStar juicers, Tribest SoloStar II Multi-Purpose Juicer for Wheatgrass and More is one of the finest single auger juicing machines. The noiseless efficient unit has a second-generation dual extraction process. This coupled with slow speed rotation, ensures that the extracted juice is of the highest quality with all the vitamins and enzymes intact. Moreover, the slow process also gives way to less oxidation, and thus the juice lives longer on the shelf.


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Tribest SoloStar II Multi-Purpose Juicer for Wheatgrass and More is a multi-functional juicer specializing in handling tough juicing jobs from pine needles to wheatgrass effortlessly and quickly. It is also capable of handling other kitchen tasks. Individuals can use the equipment to make pasta, nut butter, and tempting sorbets. The juicer can be transformed into a pasta extruder by using the accessories provided. Fettuccini pasta noodles and fresh spaghetti can be made with a snap of fingers. Chopping, grinding, and mincing of herbs, coffee beans, flour, and spices are also executed efficiently.


Dual stage juicing process – Premium dual stage juicing process imparts the juicer with higher efficiency than any other single auger juicer. The first stage is the crushing stage and the second stage is the pressing stage. Both the stage combine to extract the maximum juice and leave behind the dry pulp.

Low speed. Tribest SoloStar II single auger juicer is equipped with a low-speed auger that crushes and squeezes the input. This process helps in extracting deep-seated nutrients in the juice. There is no heat-build up; thus, the juice’s flavor is fresh, coupled with all nutrients. There is no formation of clogs and foams.

Versatility. Tribest SoloStar II masticating juicer is designed to handle all types of fruits and vegetables from citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, herbs, pine needles, wheatgrass, etc. In a few seconds, the juicer can be converted into a pasta maker, noodle maker, or mocha mill with accessories.

Durability. Tribest SoloStar II Multi-Purpose Juicer for Wheatgrass and More is constructed out of heavy-duty materials of the highest quality. The juicer is UL approved and meets the high standards.

Miscellaneous. The multipurpose juicer is 17 inches long, 7.75 inches wide, and 10 inches high. The equipment weighs roughly 19 pounds and is justified due to the varied parts and strong body. The equipment houses a 180-watt motor

Tribest SoloStar II Juicer Reviews

Tribest SoloStar II Multi-Purpose Juicer has an average rating of four stars on most of the sites. Most of the users of the product reported that the juicer is very easy to operate. Moreover, as advertised by the manufacturer, the juicer shows high performance with high yield. According to them, the removable parts just demanded a quick rinse in cold water. On the other hand, some users reported problems in the feeding tube. The feeding tube is petite, and fruits and vegetables need to be diced into tiny chunks, which is quite time-consuming. Overall, Tribest Solostar II Juice Extractor is a value for money; order it right away!

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