Juicing For Less – Top 10 Tips for Juicing on a Budget

Most people think that juicing is expensive. It doesn’t have to be! Here are tricks to stretch your food dollars, so juicing is not only healthy but affordable. Put those two together, and it’s priceless! Let’s check these top 10 tips for juicing on a budget.

Juicing on a budget – Better Health Does Not Have to Be Expensive

1. Shop Solo

Food shop by yourself to avoid the influences of others who are less resolute about eating healthy. Kids and spouses who prefer the junk-food aisle make it much harder to stick to your guns! Shopping on your own increases the likelihood of sticking to your list rather than succumbing to added demands.

2. Never Shop When You’re Hungry

Research shows that people who food shop when they’re hungry buy on average 20% more, and the food choices are 30% less healthy!

3. Shop in Season

Shop at your local co-op, farmers’ market, and farm stands.

In-season produce is always cheaper. Most Supermarkets now have their own less expensive brands of organic food.

4. Skip the Soft Drink Aisle

Water, green tea that you brew yourself, and homemade fresh juiced fruits and vegetables are great alternatives to soda and processed juice which are full of added sugar and often more expensive.

5. Buy in Bulk

Larger quantities are cheaper. Try freezing produce that you can’t use right away. Many fresh fruits such as berries freeze well when cut up and placed in a freezer bag.

6. Eat More Protein

Lean meat may cost a bit more, but eating more protein causes you to eat less and thus spend less. Eggs and beans are inexpensive sources of excellent protein. USDA guidelines recommend more beans in our diet – at least 4 times per week. And for those who avoid beans due to gastric distress, boiling beans removes the compound that causes gas.

7. Other Protein

Fish, nuts, and tofu are healthy sources of protein and great budget stretchers. The newest generation of slow juice machines now enables you to juice nuts and beans as well.

8. Stay Away From Junk

Try not to buy anything prepackaged. Not only will you give yourself a tremendous health boost, but you will also find your wallet getting fatter while you get slimmer! The rule of thumb is don’t food shop in the middle aisles!

9. Check Coupons

Your weekend local newspaper often has food coupons for organic produce. I’ve noticed that sometimes the sale makes the organic brand cheaper than the commercial one! There is even an online website devoted to delivering the best organic food coupons.

10. Don’t Be So Quick to Throw it Away!

A new report by Harvard’s Food Law and Policy Clinic says over 90% of Americans are throwing out food prematurely due to confusion about expiration dates. Manufacturers use such dates to indicate the peak of freshness, not the risk of foodborne illness. You can also extend the life of your refrigerated produce, particularly berries, by spraying them lightly with vinegar. Long known as a natural preservative, the acidity in vinegar kills many bacteria while not affecting the nutrients or taste.

Juicing is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. If it’s financially difficult, start with just one or two of these time-tested money-saving strategies mentioned above. You’ll find that even small steps can take you on a long and healthy journey.

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