5 Tips for Correct Juicing Techniques

I’ve seen lots of people complain about their juicer machine in the process of juicing. But with my years of experience with both centrifugal and masticating juicers for juicing fruits and vegetables, I’ve got to understand that lot of people do juice the wrong way and that leaves them with an adverse outcome thereby giving the blame to the juicer machine.

Without much ado, let’s check out the five tips for correct juicing techniques.

Get prepared

  • You need to get all the necessary things available such as the fruits and vegetables you want to juice.
  • Wash and clean the juicer machine if it is not adequately cleaned or dirty
  • It is imperative that you test-run the juicer machine to ensure it is in excellent condition.

Wash the fruits and vegetables

  • Get a bowl of water and rinse the fruits and vegetables in the water to ensure that they are free of dirt
  • Slice the fruits and juice to secure the blade can easily blend them without hassles

Note: slicing the fruits and vegetables into smaller sizes will ensure that the juicer machine doesn’t get clogged

Put the fruits and vegetables inside the strainer

  • Pack the fruits and vegetables inside the filter after you must have rinsed in the water
  • Add little quantity of water or milk whichever you prefer

Operate the Juicer machine

  • Now that you’ve had every set for juicing insert the juicer wire into any nearby electricity socket
  • Initiate the on button and start the counter from the slowest to the fastest

Take note: it will take a more extended period if you are using a masticating juicer but if it’s a centrifugal juicer, it will be swift.

  • Get the juice from the container and pulp from the other

Wash the juicer machine

Now, that you’ve got your juice and you are through with juicing, you need to clean the juicer machine

  • Detach from the electricity socket
  • Wash the filter, the auger, and every other part of the juicer
  • Ensure the blade is neat without leaving behind any pulp for slow juicer clean juicing screen properly
  • Clean with a dry cloth
  • Keep it safe and secured till there is a need for it again

Can I juice hard nuts using masticating and centrifugal juicer machine?

Yes, all that is required is that you should cut the fruit into smaller sizes or you soak in water for some hours before blending in the juicer. Also, you can as well alternate the juicing procedure by starting with hard fruits such as carrots, apple, beets and then alternate with soft fruits and vegetables like grapes, kala etc, and also end with hard fruits to push all the leftover juice and pulp out into the juice bowl.

Important things to understand

There are two different types of juicer, masticating and centrifugal. You need to understand the kind of juicer you are using and get familiar with its operation. Masticating juicer can’t be used to grind hard nuts, and the best for this is centrifugal.

The setback about the two juicers is that masticating juicer can only be used for soft fruits and vegetables and very slow in juicing fruits. But with the centrifugal, it can be used for juicing both strong and soft nut but makes noise and oxidize due to heat up in the process of juicing.


All this are things you should know so that you don’t have a bad record with juicing. Once juicing is done in the right way, you will surely have the correct result. So the most time when you have an issue with juicing, I’ll suggest you run a check on the process and not assume the fault is with the juicer machine.