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Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center is a masticating juicer and built horizontally, with a single auger and a dual-stage juicing process. The auger itself is the strongest on the market—it’s crafted from a patented GE ULTEM resin material, which is eight times stronger than the hard plastic found in other masticating juicers.

The motor is quite powerful as well, capable of producing the equivalent of 2 HP of torque. It also features a reverse function in the event the machine becomes jammed. The machine has continuous pulp ejection, which allows for extended juicing sessions without stopping to dump a pulp container.

Officially, Omega refers to the J8006 (and other members of the J series line of juicers) as a “Nutrition Center”. That’s because this machine isn’t limited to juicing—Omega includes a series of attachments that allow the machine to function somewhat like a food processor. With the attachments, users can extrude pasta, make nut butter and milk, grind coffee and herbs, and much more.

Omega J8006 Pros:

The Omega J8006 stands head and shoulders over other masticating juicers in its price bracket. There are better masticating juicers on the market, but you’ll have to spend a few hundred dollars more to get them.

There are two major elements of the J8006 that are at the core of its high performance the durable auger and the powerful motor. As mentioned before, the auger is made of the ultra-strong GE ULTEM resin. This allows the machine to comfortably take on even the hardest of produce without wearing down or breaking.

Meanwhile, the 2 HP motor runs at 80 RPM helps the J8006 deliver consistent, even juicing power without jamming or struggling. If the auger does manage to get stuck on something, the reverse function can be used as a quick fix.

The power behind the J8006 isn’t just for crushing tough produce like carrots and beets. The J8006 also delivers high yields from soft produce notably leafy greens like spinach, kale, and wheatgrass. Anyone who has experienced the disappointing leafy green juice yields of centrifugal models will appreciate the superior results from the J8006.

The long warranty of the J8006 is another strong feature of this juicer. AKIF fifteen years of coverage ensures that the J8006 with being a fixture in your kitchen for many years to come and inspires a great deal of confidence in the quality of the J8006’s components.

Omega J8006 Cons

The most common complaint is the small feed chute of the J8006. The narrow design forces users to spend extra prep time cutting up produce to feed into the machine.

people also had the problem that chunks of produce stick to the auger if the machine isn’t washed immediately after use. Preparation time and cleanup can add extra minutes to the already time-consuming process of mastication. But again this is the easiest machine to clean.


Omega’s most popular juicer has earned its best-seller status he J8006 is reliable, powerful, and reasonably priced. The ULTEM auger and powerful motor are tough enough to pulverize the toughest produce without struggling, but the J8006 also delivers great results on soft produce.

With efficient juice yields, an array of useful food processing attachments, and a 15-year warranty(AKIF), the J8006 is an all-around great buy that will serve you well for many years into the future.

Note: Warranty, some parts or an upgrade of parts can happen anytime by the company, so before buy we strongly recommend checking everything before you buy.

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