Omega 8006 vs 8008 Explained

Comparison of Omega J8006 and Omega J8008 Juicer

One among many others to consider is the Omega Juicer. Here is the Omega 8006 and 8008 juicer comparison to help those still confused to make the right decision or find the actual difference between Omega juicer 8006 vs 8008. You should know that both are good masticating juicer with similar features and design with little difference.


Omega 8004/8006 is the 4th generation model and Omega 8007/8008 is the 5th generation model.

Feed Funnel

Omega J8008 has a bigger feed funnel compared with Omega J8006, so you can have more items on it with the 8008 versions.

BPA Free

Omega J8008 is fully 100% BPA free where J8006 contains some BPA.

Juicer Screen

Omega J8008 has a bigger screen area and in the front screen is stainless steel but the old j8006 has a plastic front screen. Stainless steel is easy to clean with a brush.


Omega J8008 is a little bit bigger and different style of handle compared with omega J8006

Those are the differences between Omega 8006 and Omega 8008. The only quite known difference is that Omega 8008 produces a little more juice than Omega 8006 and both have a different color to make the difference more obvious to everyone.

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What about 8004 vs 8007?

Omega j8004 is identical to Omega j8006 just color difference. Same with omega j8007 and j8008 only color difference.

if you want to buy a more advanced juicer then you can try Omega NC800/NC900