Namawell Vitality 5800 Reviews

Almost all of us want to get an easy nutrient supplier that will help us provide all vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Your body demands nutrition after a whole day of workloads and stress. Or, even you can start your day with a glass of fresh fruit juice right out of a quality juicer. But not sure which juicer would be a quality one? Well, get a Nama juicer. Why? Read out the Namawell Juicer Review we are giving today.

Nama Cold Press Vitality 5800 is a great juicer that has a great squeezing capability. Your big glass will be filled to the brim within minutes if you go for this Juicer. Let’s get to know each of its parts and what its impressive things are so that you make the right decision with confidence while buying the juicer.

Namawell Juicer Review – Top Features

After watching a whole lot of demonstrations we have come with this overview of the Nama Cold Press Vitality 5800. The juicer is very convincing as it is equipped with versatile features. Let’s have a look.

Large Main Chamber

The first and foremost thing to look for while buying the best juicer is the chamber that is equipped with the juicer. The main chamber of the Nama Juicer is BPA-free hence you will always get the healthiest juice from the juicer years after years.

Moreover, the chamber empowers a liquid holding capacity of 500ml. The 16.9oz chamber is very large and you will be satisfied while juicing as well.


The juicer is featured with an AC motor of 150-watt which is very powerful. Under 120V, the motor works smoothly delivering a great deal of efficiency.

The highly efficient motor can deal with a rough and tough ingredient. Even though you put a hard and tough fruit or vegetable inside the juicer, it will squeeze it smoothly without creating much noise.

Speed Controlling Feature

The Nama 5800 is equipped with a fluent speed feature. It runs at a speed of 43 RPM which is not that much speedy yet, the final result is worth it. The manufacturers of the juicer have made it to ensure zero loss of nutrients. Also, the auger of the juicer is made of PEI material and it works in a rotating way.

Moreover, the speed controlling system is also easy and unique in this juicer. By toggling the switch you can on it with one speed. However, if anything gets stuck or clogged in the process, switching the REV option will take the process to reverse and clear the jam.

Container Number and Capacity

The Nama 5800 juicer comes with a total of two containers. The juice containers are manufactured with transparent plastic. The first container holds about 40oz. It has an in-built handle for easy moving and carrying. Moreover, it has an attached top cover to keep the juice hygienic inside.

Also, it comes with a pulp container with a maximum capacity of up to 60oz. This container is comparatively larger than the other and it helps to juice a large amount at a time.

Power Cord and Safety Switch

The juicer comes with a 1.4m power cord that is quite lengthy and can be kept anywhere distant from the socket. However, the Nama Vitality 5800 Juicer is also designed with a safety switch section. If anything wrong happens or the hopper doesn’t get to fix properly, the switch will power off the process automatically.

Other Accessories

The juicer arrives with other many tools and accessories. They are,

  • Cleaning brush
  • Juice strainer
  • Smoothie and sorbet strainer
  • Pusher
  • User manual and start guide

Why Should You Pick the Nama Juicer?

More flavorful Taste

Unlike some other juicers, Nama 5800 Juicer holds the actual sweetness and nutrients of the fruits. Any fruit or veggie you put inside the juicer like pineapple, pear, spinach, carrots, and all, you will get the genuine taste from the juice.

Faster Setup and Juicing

The squeezer comes with an easy and quick setup process. If you are a complete fresher about using a juicer, still you will find it easy once you read out the easy user manual. However, the juicing process is also quick with the juicer which is rare in a cold press juicer. Within 10-15 minutes, you will get glasses of fresh and healthy juices.

Easy to Clean

The Nama juicer comes with parts that are easily separable for convenient cleaning. Its six parts can be cleaned quickly. The filter is also easy to clean even with celery and wheatgrass. With the cleaning brush, it is all effortless.

A Great Family Appliance

This juicer is a household favorite as it can be handled even by the children of the family. Moreover, purchasing the juicer offers 10 years of warranty. Hence, you do not have to worry much while using it for rough juicing.

Why the Nama 5800 Juicer Is Superior to Others?

The Nama Vitality 5800 is manufactured with the best and advanced technology. Hence, it makes the juicer superior enough to have it home.

A cold press juicer

This is the main attractive part. This is a cold press juicer that means there will not produce any heat while juicing. This feature reduces oxidation and confirms a hundred percent nutritious juices. Hence, you get the best extract.


The juicer is constructed with four rubber feet underneath it. This design prevents the shaking of the juicer while functioning. Moreover, it doesn’t make a loud sound as well. Overall, the juicer is technologically sound and wisely made.

Versatile juicer

The Nama juicer is versatile and it is also best for nut milk, celery, and wheatgrass. You can have a healthy glass of almond milk as well. It also makes smoothies and sorbets of many kinds with their provided three different strainers.


Within less time the Nama juicer delivers juice with a smooth texture. You do not have to prepare the fruit or cut them into small pieces while juicing hence it is an actual time-saver. So, you get more juice with original flavor in less time.

Final Words

Long story short in this NAMA juicer review, the Nama Juicer Vitality 5800 is one of the best juicers out in the market. According to its efficiency, feature, and functionality, the juicer is considered the best for both home and professional appliances. The juicer is installed with all the advanced features and technologies possible. Moreover, for being a cold press juicer, it has great value.

Again, the Nama squeezer is a complete package as it includes all the essential equipment and accessories. At a good price value having this juicer will surely be a great investment. With an elegant design, this juicer is undoubtedly a great provider!

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