How to Make Almond Milk With a Juicer

Almond is an oval edible nut-like seed which can only be seen on the almond tree and widely used as food. The seed is popular in the USA, and it is well packed with minerals, fiber, vitamins, and proteins, and are associated with lots of health benefits. The seed is edible and can be taken any time since it has no risk factor but enhances your overall well-being.

You can get lots of amazing benefits from adding almonds to your daily diet, some of which include:

It helps to regulate cholesterol levels in the body

Reports from several studies have shown that a daily intake of almonds reduces the levels of bad cholesterol in your body and helps prevent the body's fat composition from getting oxidized, which helps lower your risk of heart disease.

It helps improve heart health

Not only is the almond active in reducing the fat composition in the body, but it also helps to enhance the heart health by increasing the level of antioxidants you have in your bloodstream and also improves blood flow.

Helps reduce the risk of breast cancer

This is why most women out there should inculcate the habit of consuming almond every day. Report from some research reveals that high consumption of almonds has the temerity to reduce the risk of breast cancer by two to three times.

Helps regulate blood sugar levels

Individuals with type 2 diabetes are said to be deficient in magnesium and with a high concentration of magnesium in almond seed, it tends to regulate the blood sugar level.

Aids in weight loss

Studies also show that almonds may help improve metabolism, reduce waist circumference and decrease body fat because it is high in fiber and protein and low in carbohydrates.

Helps promote gastrointestinal health

Do you have a gastrointestinal issue? You might need to add almond to your diet because it is useful for improving digestive function and enhancing regular bowel movement.

Mostly, people prefer to have it as milk instead of eating it and doing this; you need to follow some steps which I will discuss shortly.

How to Make Almond Milk At Home


  • One cup raw almonds (if possible organic)
  • Two cups of water to get it soaked
  • Sweeteners like honey, sugar, maple syrup,agave syrup, or chocolate syrup to make it tasty (It is optional)

Equipment needed for the production

  • Bowls
  • Strainer
  • Measuring cup
  • a slow good Juicer

Instructions to prepare almond milk

Soak the seed of the almond overnight or about two days. The seeds should be baptized with water in the bowl. They will plump as they absorb water, and so you need to ensure that they are well soaked, and the longer you soak it, the creamier the almond becomes.

Drain and rinse the almonds.

Now you have to rinse the almond and drain it from the water, which it is soaked. Don't drink that water. At this point, the almond will be very soft and squishy and be ready for use.

Combine the almonds and water and Place in the juicer

To make almond mild, you need a juicer. There is some juicer well specified to be ideal for grinding almond, and the perfect juicer is known as the masticating juicer.

Masticating juicer is the best for the almond seed to make milk as the milk produced by the juicer retains more nutrients because they aren’t shredded with blades which expose fruits and vegetables to oxidation. You get more milk from your produce with the use of the juicer.

Now, your milk is ready for consumption and for those who love to take it cold, you can refrigerate it and take it whenever you want to. Mind you; you must take the milk within seven days of refrigerating it because it can become a habitat for bacteria after about seven days.

Recommended Slow Juicers to Make Almond Milk

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