Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer Review – One of the best Masticating Juicer

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer is one of the best Masticating Juicer or hurom slow juicer around in the market. It comes out with a unique and modern design; it combines the newest technology which allows the user better juicing experience by creating very slow noise. It comes out with two color rose gold and matte black. It has a twin screw crusher which will make very low noise. Just like Omega VRT 350 juicer you don’t need to push through the feeder for extracting juice. It will give you the best juicing experience as well. Because of its wavy design, it’s easy to move around and easy to place anywhere, kitchen or any personal place.

Product Overview

There are lots of juicers around in the market, but Hurom H-AA got something new. It makes this juicer extra unique and user-friendly.

  • Tofu mold set: don’t be surprised to see tofu mold set inside in it. If you don’t have any idea how to make tofu you just look through the recipe book which one is included with it. There you will have guideline, how to make tofu using this hurom slow juicer.
  • Control Lever:  this control lever make this Hurom H-AA juicer extra special, closed mode when in use allows it for maximum compaction, thus pressing out more juice or nutrients. Half closed mode releases the pressure in the chamber for easy opening of the hopper when juicing is done. Absence of this lever has caused lot problems with other vertical juicers where the hopper gets jammed after juicing. Open mode for easy and comfortable cleaning of the chamber. The older models just have a piece of rubber that is removed by pulling out of it, without any handy lever.
  • Glistening Design: With a streamlined design that includes smooth curves that gradually become slimmer in the back, the H-AA slow juicer brings you stylish, yet modern beauty. The wavy curves on the bottom further highlight the design and make it functionally easier to move.
  • Slow Squeeze Technology: The H-AA slow juicer rotates at a speed of just 43 revolutions per minute to mimic the motion of a hand squeezing juice. Our patented Slow Squeeze Technology ensures your juice stays fresh and retains all of its natural nutrients.
  • Taste & Pulp Control: We’ve spent decades perfecting our slow juicers for taste. Juice created with a Hurom slow juicer is fresh, unprocessed and pure. The H-AA slow juicer also comes with a control lever and fine and coarse strainers that allow you to control the amount of pulp to suit your taste.
  • Yield: Our unique low-speed auger extracted and squeezes every bit drop of juice, resulting in bone-dry pulp.
  • Easy to Clean: Making multiple juice recipes in one sitting? No need to segregate and clean the parts through between each use. Simply run water through the juicer to rinse clean. Once finished, separate and clean thoroughly. Intuitive assembly and disassembly exist for quick use and cleanup with the compact parts and no sharp blades. The inner spinning brush rotates during juicing to clean the chamber and strainer simultaneously, reducing clogging and increasing juicing efficiency.
  • Quality: This unique design made with a BPA-free, impact-resistant ABS plastic body, this slow juicer is extremely durable and stable. The powerful Ultem strainer and auger is 8 times stronger than average plastics, which allows these slow juicers to handle years of daily use.
  • Versatility: This juicer wonderfully on fruits, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and soybeans to create nutritious and healthy juices, milk, tofu, and more. The H-AA also has the ability to create healthy and tasty ice cream straight from the chamber.
  • Safety: Duplicate safety sensors only allow the unit to operate if the chamber is completely and accurately assembled on the base. A built-in cooling system with unified heat vents intercepts overheating. The chute is sized to keep even small fingers out.
  • Works Silently: This near-silent AC motor works efficiently and effectively using just 150 watts of power, which means you can enjoy cold-pressed juice at home without the noise caused by average juicers and blenders.

Noteworthy features:

  • Patented “slow squeeze” technology enables you to extract any veggie or fruits more gently and more slowly, it will allow you to get the last drop out of it.
  • Durable ultra-quiet motor
  • Enhanced pulp control (amount and size)
  • Hurom slow juicer can press fruit & vegetable juice, as well as assorted soy and nut milks
  • Hurom slow juicer is easy to clean (no sharp blades)

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Chamber category:                       Alpha Chamber

Chamber reach:                            500 ml (16.9 Oz)

Auger agility:                                 43 RPM

Rotating brush agility:                 17 RPM

Equipped with:                             Frame-ABS

Container- Tritan

Cuddle Screw- Ultem

Fine Steiner – Stainless steel & Ultem

Ice Cream Steiner – Bisen


Product Capacity                          223 x 180 x407 mm (8.8 x7.8 x16.0 in)

Shipping Capacity                         410 x 314 x 372 mm (16.1 x 12.4 x 14.6 in)

Unboxing                                       50 mm (2 in)

Product Weight                            4.8 kg (10.6 lb)

Shipping Weight                           9.1 kg (20.1 lb)

Motor                                             A/C

Voltage                                          120V, 60Hz, 150 W

Cord Dimension                            1.4 m (4.6 ft)

Standard Usage                            30 Minutes continuously

Advantages of Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer:

  • Hurom slow juicer got unique design easy to place any counter space
  • Low speed optimized and juicing efficiency enables you to get more juice.
  • Automatic clean up system
  • Very quiet while juicing
  • Almost dry pulp, good juice yield and juice quality.
  • Can make soy, peanut milk and almond milk
  • Richer taste in twin wing technology.
  • Slower, richer taste and nutrition single wing screw crush juice 88 rpm but twin wing screw crushes juice 43 rpm it means slower means. more fresher and more nutrient value.
  • Spinning brush spin 17 rpm in the opposite direction it will bring out more juice.
  • Extraction without clogging to the feeder.
  • Sensibly designed juice cap helps to create delicious mixed juices.
  • Smart control lever maximizes juice extraction.

Disadvantages of the product

  • Fewer blockages and easy to clean, depress the pressure in the pulp outlet that enables an easier way to extract pulp inside the chamber.
  • High price tag
  • Narrow feeding chute
  • Very slow juicing
  • While juicing everything will have to cut into small pieces.