How to Use Vevor Slush Machine?

To use vevor slush machine, plug it in, add the slush mix and wait for it to freeze. The machine is easy to operate and manage, making it perfect for various events and occasions.

The vevor slush machine is suitable for making frozen cocktails, mocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks. It comes with an easy-to-use control panel and a clear transparent chamber to see the slush being made. The machine can also be dismantled easily for cleaning purposes.

With its high-quality construction, the vevor slush machine is designed to withstand frequent use and provide years of reliable service. Whether you are hosting a backyard bbq or running a restaurant, the vevor slush machine is an excellent investment for frozen drink lovers.

How to Use Vevor Slush Machine


Understanding The Vevor Slush Machine

When it comes to making summer drinks for a crowd, a vevor slush machine is a perfect choice. With its sleek design and efficient cooling system, the vevor slush machine provides a quick and easy way to create your favourite slushy beverages.

Here, we will discuss the different parts, types, and features of the vevor slush machine, as well as how to assemble and disassemble it.

Parts Of Vevor Slush Machine

Before using a vevor slush machine, it is essential to familiarize yourself with its different parts.

  • Tank: This is where the drink mixture is stored.
  • Condenser: This is where the refrigerant cools the drink mixture.
  • Auger: This is the rotating blade that turns the drink mixture into slush.
  • Drip tray: This collects spilled slush and prevents it from spilling onto the countertop.
  • Control panel: This is where you control the temperature and the rotation of the auger.

Different Types Of Vevor Slush Machine Available

There are two kinds of vevor slush machines:

  • Single tank: This machine has a single tank that can hold up to 12 litres of beverage.
  • Dual tank: This machine has two separate tanks, each with a 12-litre capacity.

Features Of Vevor Slush Machine

Before buying a vevor slush machine, you should know its features.

  • Speed: A vevor slush machine should be quick and efficient in making slushy drinks.
  • Size and capacity: Look for the size and capacity that’s perfect for you, depending on your needs.
  • Design and durability: Look for a slush machine that has high-quality, durable materials and a sleek, attractive design.
  • Easy cleaning: Look for a slush machine that’s easy to clean.

How To Assemble And Disassemble Vevor Slush Machine

Before using your vevor slush machine for the first time, you will need to assemble it.

  • Assembling:
  • Read the instruction manual carefully and follow the steps.
  • First, attach the drip tray to the front of the machine.
  • Next, insert the auger blade into the tank and secure it in place.
  • Install the motor and spindle.
  • Attach the tank to the base and install the top cover.
  • Plug in the machine and let it cool for several hours before using it.
  • Disassembling:
  • First, unplug the machine.
  • Remove the top cover.
  • Detach the tank from the base unit.
  • Remove the motor and the spindle.
  • Take out the auger blade carefully.
  • Clean each part with a towel or sponge.

Understanding the vevor slush machine is essential before any purchase. It is imperative to know the different parts, types, and features of the machine and how to assemble and disassemble it to get the best value. With the help of this guide, you are now ready to make your favourite slushy drinks in a vevor slush machine.

Preparing The Vevor Slush Machine

How To Use Vevor Slush Machine: Preparing The Vevor Slush Machine

Using a vevor slush machine is a fantastic way to create delicious summer slushies for any occasion. Before you start making your tasty slushies, however, you need to ensure that the machine is prepared correctly.

How To Clean Vevor Slush Machine

Before using your vevor slush machine, you need to ensure that it’s clean.

  • Turn off the machine and unplug it from the power source.
  • Remove any remaining slush mix from the dispenser and rinse it with cold water.
  • Use a soft sponge, warm water, and mild detergent to clean the interior and exterior of the machine.
  • Rinse the machine thoroughly with cold water to remove any soap residue.

Choosing The Best Ingredients For Slush

Making the perfect slush drink involves using the best ingredients.

  • Stick with quality ingredients to ensure the best taste and consistency of your slush mix.
  • Use high-quality syrups that come in different flavors, such as blue raspberry, cherry, and lemonade.
  • Avoid using fresh fruit since it has a high water content that can cause the slushie to become icy.
  • Consider using a pre-made mix to save time and effort.

How To Prepare The Slush Mix

Now that you have chosen the best ingredients, it’s time to prepare the slush mix.

  • Pour the slush mix into a large mixing bowl. The amount of mix needed depends on the size of the machine and desired consistency.
  • Add the recommended amount of water to the mix and stir well until fully dissolved.
  • Chill the mix in the refrigerator for two hours.

Filling The Machine With The Slush Mix

Once the slush mix is prepared, it’s time to fill the machine.

  • Ensure that the inside of the machine is dry.
  • Pour the prepared slush mix into the hopper. Be careful not to overfill it as it may cause the machine to jam.
  • Switch the machine on and set the temperature to the desired level.
  • Monitor the machine as it fills the chamber with the slush mix.

Setting The Temperature, Consistency, And Speed

The final step is to make sure that the temperature, consistency, and speed of the machine are set correctly.

  • Use the temperature control to set the machine to the desired temperature, usually between -2 and -4 degrees celsius.
  • Use the consistency and speed control knobs to achieve the desired texture and speed of the mix being dispensed.
  • Experiment with different settings until you achieve the perfect consistency and speed.

With these simple steps, you can easily prepare your vevor slush machine and make perfect slush drinks every time!

Operating The Vevor Slush Machine

If you are looking for ways to make refreshing slushie drinks at home or in your business, the vevor slush machine is a reliable, high-performance option. This machine is designed to create slush drinks quickly and easily, without the need for ice.

The following steps will guide you on how to operate the vevor slush machine, including some common mistakes to avoid and troubleshooting tips.

How To Turn On Vevor Slush Machine

To start the vevor slush machine, follow these steps:

  • Plug the machine into a power source with the appropriate voltage.
  • Turn on the power switch located at the back of the machine.
  • Wait for around 30-40 minutes to allow the refrigeration system to cool down before adding your slush mix.
  • The device has a stirring motor button and an ice-breaker button. Both buttons should be pressed together to initiate the stirring function.

Steps To Follow When Churning The Slush Mix

Follow these steps when preparing your slush mix with the vevor slush machine:

  • Choose your preferred slush mix and add the correct amount to the machine.
  • Lift the handle on the lid and pour the slush mix into the mixing cylinder.
  • Ensure that the mixing cylinder is not overfilled or underfilled and that the lid is secured tightly.
  • Turn the mix switch on, and you will hear the stirring motor working.
  • Wait for about 45-60 minutes for the slush to reach the right consistency.
  • Once the desired consistency is achieved, turn off the mix and ice switches.
  • Open the dispenser handle, and your slushie is ready to serve.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Vevor Slush Machine

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when using the vevor slush machine:

  • Overfilling the mixing cylinder or using too much sugar will make the machine slow down or stop working altogether.
  • Not letting the refrigeration system cool down for at least 30-40 minutes before adding the slush mix can also damage the machine.
  • Ignoring the stirring motor button can result in the slush mix being improperly mixed, causing uneven consistency.

How To Troubleshoot Common Problems While Using Vevor Slush Machine

Despite its top-quality and ease of use, the vevor slush machine can still encounter some issues.

  • If the slushie freezes too slowly or unpredictably, check if the slush mix’s sugar content is too high or if the refrigeration system needs cleaning or servicing.
  • If the machine starts making unusual noises during operation, check if the blades need replacement or servicing and ensure that the machine is not overfilled.
  • If the machine is not cooling or dispensing the slushie, make sure that the fuse and power supply are intact. Turn off the machine and check if any components need cleaning or repairing.

The vevor slush machine is an excellent investment for anyone seeking a reliable machine to make slushies. By following the steps provided, avoiding common mistakes, and troubleshooting common issues, you can enjoy delicious homemade slushies with minimal hassle.

Maintenance And Care

Keeping your vevor slush machine properly maintained and cared for is critical to ensure its longevity and performance. Here are some key things to keep in mind regarding cleaning and sanitizing, storing, and conducting maintenance checks on your machine.

Cleaning And Sanitizing The Vevor Slush Machine After Use

Cleaning and sanitizing your slush machine after every use is important to maintain hygiene and keep the machine working effectively.

  • Turn off the machine and unplug it from the power source.
  • Disassemble the machine and remove any leftover slush from the tank and lids.
  • Wash the tank and lids with warm, soapy water and rinse them thoroughly.
  • Sanitize the tank and lids with a solution of water and bleach (one tablespoon of bleach for every gallon of water) or food-grade sanitizing solution.
  • Dry the tank and lids with a clean cloth.
  • Reassemble the machine and wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Storing The Vevor Slush Machine

Properly storing your machine ensures it stays in good condition and is ready to use when you need it.

  • Drain any remaining slush from the tank and lids.
  • Clean and sanitize the tank and lids, following the same steps as listed above.
  • Dry the tank and lids and re-assemble the machine.
  • Cover the machine with a clean, dry cloth or plastic wrap to shield it from dust and dirt.
  • Store the machine in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Maintenance Checks

Regular maintenance checks help detect any issues early on and prevent any major breakdowns.

  • Check for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or leaks on the tank, lids, and seals.
  • Inspect the blade assemblies and make sure they’re clean and free of debris.
  • Ensure the stainless steel panels and exterior are clean and polished.
  • Monitor the slush consistency during use and adjust the ratio of syrup to water if needed.
  • Check the electrical connections and cords for any damage or fraying.

By following these maintenance and care tasks, you can ensure your vevor slush machine stays in excellent condition for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Use Vevor Slush Machine

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Vevor Slush Machine?

Clean the slush machine thoroughly after each use. Detach the hopper and use a mild detergent solution to clean it. Rinse it well and dry all parts with a clean towel or cloth before reassembling.

How Long Does It Take To Freeze The Slush?

It takes approximately 1-2 hours for the slush to freeze after adding the syrup and water mixture. However, the freezing time may vary depending on the temperature of the room and the type of syrup used.

Can I Use Alcohol In My Slush Mix?

Yes, you can use alcohol in your slush mix. However, it should not be more than 10% of the total mixture. Adding too much alcohol will prevent the slush from freezing properly.

How Much Syrup Do I Need For My Slush Machine?

It depends on the size of your slush machine and the number of servings you want to make. The general rule of thumb is to use one part syrup and four parts water. For a 10l vevor slush machine, you will need approximately 2.

5 liters or 10 cups of syrup.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Vevor Slush Machine If It Stops Working?

If your slush machine stops working, first check to make sure all the parts are properly assembled. Check the power cord and make sure it is plugged in. Also, check the switch and the fuse. If you are still having problems, contact the manufacturer for assistance.


Now that we have explored the ins and outs of vevor slush machines, it is evident that the machine’s convenience and reliability make it an excellent investment for any business that deals with frozen beverages. By using this slush machine, you can save both time and resources while providing your customers with high-quality slush drinks.

Remember to follow the instructions when setting up the machine and during use to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for any machine’s longevity, so make it a priority. With proper care, you can enjoy many years of use and high profits from your vevor slush machine.

Don’t hesitate, take the leap and invest in the best slush machine on the market and watch your business soar to greater heights.

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