How to Make Orange Juice with a Blender?

In general, orange is full of Vitamin C and other essential food ingredients that develop our immune system. Naturally, people worldwide love drinking orange juice because of its delightful; taste and supply of essential vitamins to our body.

I am no exception to this worldwide trend; I love drinking orange juice off and on, but the canned or preservative juices found in super shops are not always healthy. So, I often make orange juice at home. I use my blender for it instead of a high-end juicer.

So, today it’s time to share my secret recipe on how to make orange juice with a blender.

Are you up for it?

How to Make Orange Juice at Home Using a Blender?

How to Make Orange Juice at Home

A blender is the most common kitchen appliances found in every home. But did you know it before that you can use it to make delicious orange juice?

Yes, it’s very much possible and also pretty straightforward.

Approximate time: Five minutes.

Things you will need:

  • A Blender
  • Two orange
  • Sugar according to your taste
  • Freshwater
  • Ice cubes (Not mandatory).

These are food ingredients you will require for orange juice. Now, let’s see the list of appliances you will need for making orange juice.

A blender: In general, any standard blender that you use at home should be okay for making orange juice. You only need to crush the pulp to a soften state so that later you can squeeze it and get the juice out of the orange pulps.

You will see that some blender comes with a juicer option, but they are expensive. However, I use a high-end blender with sufficient power to get smooth operation.

A strainer: After blending the orange in the blender, you will need to squeeze the pulps to get the juice. For that, you will require a filter. I use my milk bag for this purpose.

However, you can also use cheesecloth or any other thin strainer.

Now that we are ready with our ingredients and tools. Let’s start making the juice.

Clean and cut

You should never use a freshly brought orange direct for juicing. At first, use clean water and wash the oranges. Also, make sure your blender and strainer are clean.

Now peel off the orange skin. Once you have peeled off the orange rind, you are ready for the next step.

Blend everything

Now, put the orange in the blender then add fresh water with it. Also, if you love the chilly feeling, you may add 3-4 ice cubes.

Once you have put everything in the blender, put on the lid and turn on the power button. Within a few minutes, you should get the blended orange.

Squeeze using the strainer

Now, take a glass or container and place the filter on it. Carefully drop the mixture on it. After that, close down both edges of the strainer.

Then, squeeze the orange pulp with mild to high pressure to get the juice. Lastly, add sugar according to your taste.

Alternatively, you may also use honey.

Garnish it

The taste of food doubles when served with a beautiful decoration. Hence, you should garnish the orange juice before serving. Use coriander leaves on top of the glass and add a colorful straw.

This simple decoration will bring charm in your orange juice.

Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Orange is an extraordinary gift from nature to human beings. Here are some most considerable health benefits of orange juice that you probably never thought exists.

1. Orange is abundant with Vitamin C and ascorbic acid. Both are well known to improve the human immune system, especially against the flu and cold.

2. There are around 3 grams of fiber in one glass of orange juice. Out of these 3 grams, our body tissue absorbs 2 grams. The remaining one gram stays at our digestive system to clean our bowels.

3. If you regularly drink orange juice, your chances of esophagus, mouth, and stomach cancer will reduce up to 40%.

4. Vitamin C has been the best friend of or skin. So, orange juice also helps us to get rid of wrinkles and aging.

5. Folate and Vitamin B9 are found in abundance in orange. Both ingredients increase blood circulation that protects our cardiovascular system.

There’re tons of other health benefits of orange juice that we will bring in our next write-up.

Final Words

Homemade orange juice is fresh and also doesn’t contain high-amount of sugar; likewise, the artificial ones. Using a blender, you can easily make orange juice at home within minutes.

Also, you can add an apple or pineapple to bring a different taste. However, to get the best out of orange juice, you shouldn’t add anything else.

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