How to Make Juice Without a Juicer

Whether you are a health snob or not, you have to admit; nothing feels better than a fresh glass of juice in the morning. Although many people stick by coffee, drinking juice to start the day is the healthier way to go. It helps get rid of all the toxicity and prepares you to face the day head-on.

Despite the many health benefits, not many people drink juices. And one of the primary reasons behind it is the obscene cost. A decent juicer would set you back quite a large sum, and many people might see that as an unnecessary expense. But what if you could make juice without ever investing in a juicer?

In this article, we will give you a complete idea of what you need to know to make juice without a juicer to keep you healthy without making your wallet lighter. So without any further delay, let us dive in.

Things you need to Juice Without a Juicer

Juicer is not something that is readily available in most homes. But a blender is a common household product. Because of the versatile nature of the device, the likelihood of you having a blender is quite high. You also need a few other tools before you can get started with preparing your juice.

Obviously, you need the ingredients that you want to make your juice with. Keep in mind, when using a blender, your juice will not be as smooth as you would expect from a juicer. They will be denser and thicker as you have no way of removing the fibers from the fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, you would want a spatula and a fine mesh strainer. We will get to why you need them as we go through the process. And finally, get a bowl that is large enough to hold your mesh strainer. However, make sure that the bowl is not too big that the strainer falls in.

If you have everything ready, we can get started.

Preparing your Juice

With all your ingredients and materials ready, it is time to get into the fun part. In the following section we will give you a step by step rundown of what you need to do so that you do not face any trouble while preparing your juice.

Step 1

First and foremost, wash your ingredients well. Whether you use fruits or vegetables is up to you. But remember that these products contain germs, insecticides, or other microparticles, that can be harmful in your system. So clean them well before putting them in the blender.

If you are going with fruits like citrus, you could peel off the skin before putting it inside. You do not need to worry about the seeds. On the other hand, with vegetables like carrots or ginger, you can get by with just a thorough scrubbing. In most cases, however, you can ignore the peeling and just put it in the blender.

Step 2

Next comes the placement order. Despite what many people believe, the placement order does matter when it comes to making juice with your blender. And it has much more to do with the health of your blender than the quality of your drink. If you keep placing ingredients in the wrong order, your device’s lifespan will deteriorate slowly but surely.

You should first pour the softer and juicer materials, such as pears, tomatoes, or citrus in your blender, to fill the bottom part. Above them goes the greens. You could also pour just a smidgen of water to help the blender work smoother. Do not go with sturdier items in the bottom as it might damage the blade.

Step 3

Turn on your blender. There is not much to this step. All you have to do is turn the power on and wait for the device to do its job. Now you might notice your blender gets stuck from time to time, especially if your unit is old. It is okay, and there is no need to get intimidated.

You can turn the power off, open up the top, and use your spatula to give it a firm stir. In most cases, it should be enough to free up the clogging. Additionally, you could add a small amount of water or some juice to get the blender working again. But personally, we prefer adding a piece of really juicy produce to the mix.

Step 4

Once the blender does its job, you can drink it then and there. However, many people do not like such a thick drink. If you do not mind the extra substance, you can skip this step and enjoy your juice. However, if you prefer to make it smoother, keep reading.

Take your mesh strainer and place it on the bowl. Make sure the strainer fits the top of the bowl snugly. Then gently pour the contents of the blender into the bowl through the filter. The filter will catch most of the fiber and pulp residue, which you can then extract and discard.

Pro Tip: Before you get to your drink, make sure you clean the filter thoroughly. The extracts can get extremely difficult to clean if you leave them as they are. You can simply put it under running water and scrape it off easily if you get to it instantly. So, it is better to clean it right then instead of leaving it for later.

Final Words

If you followed all the steps correctly, you should have a delicious drink sitting in your bowl. You could let the mixture sit for a few seconds before pouring it in a glass as it would allow any leftover pulps that got through the filter.

Congratulations, you just made yourself a glass of nutritious juice without buying a juicer. We hope you found our article on how to make juice without a juicer to be informative and helpful. Our goal was to keep things simple and straightforward so that anyone could follow along without trouble.