How to Make Juice with A Blender?

Hello, foodies, especially juice lovers. Want to taste some refreshing juices in this lockdown but can’t go outside home? Don’t worry.

We bring you the easiest way to make juice with a blender with your favorite fruits and veggies. You can try these fresh juice items and stay healthy amidst the nerve shrinking turmoil.

Stay at home, and let’s try this unique juice making method with a blender.

The Easiest Way to Make Juice with a Blender:

Fresh juice is much delightful and healthier than the canned juice. According to HuffPost, a single-serve of fresh juice contains sufficient microelements and vitamins for the whole day.

But, due to the lack of an appropriate juicer, many people are reluctant to make juices at home. So, today we are going to reveal the mystery of making the tastiest juice with a blender.

Things you will need:

If you want to make juice using a blender, the first thing you will need a blender, wink-wink. Jokes apart, you will need an appropriate strainer or gauze to filter the blended fruits or vegetables to get the juice. Alternatively, you can use any thin filter.

Here, we are going to describe how you can make a mouthwatering orange juice full of Vitamin C (Which prevents colds and flu; an absolute necessity at this time).

orange Juice
  • Two orange
  • One cup of fresh-water
  • Sugar


At first, you will need to wash the oranges thoroughly to ensure that it is free of dirt and viruses. Then peel off the skin using fingers to proceed to the next step.

However, before we move to the next section, here’s an important note for you about preparing different fruits and veggies for juices in the blender:

  • You will need to peel of any citrus food
  • For apple, you will have to core it to remove seeds.
  • If you are juicing a pitted fruit, pit it to remove seeds.
  • For vegetables such as spinach, tear the leaves into smaller parts and also pull the leaves from spinach stems.
  • For vegetables such as carrots, cut them into smaller pieces of ½-1 inch.

Blend it

After you have peeled off the orange, load the blender with the orange pieces. Add the water and put the lid. Now, turn on the power button and then wait.

The water will mix the ingredients well and puree it until the orange becomes smooth.

Strain it properly

Now, put the smoothened orange pulps into the strainer. Place the filter on glass and twist the top of this strainer. Make sure that the edges are closed, and your juice doesn’t drop out of the glass. Apply pressure, so that the pulps are squeezed more to leave every drop of juices into the container.

Once you rest assured that you have squeezed every drop of the orange pulp, put the leftover into your bin.

Now, add sugar according to your taste. That’s it. You are ready with your favorite orange juice.

In the same way, you can make juices of any kind of vegetables and fruits using a blender.

Juice serving:

Lastly, don’t forget to serve your juice gracefully. Place the juice glass on a serving plate and add one or two coriander leaves on top of the juice to garnish it. Also, you may add a colorful straw.

But don’t overdo the garnish and keep it simple.

Types of Blender You May Use for Making Juice:

Ideally, any blender can squeeze the fruit pulps or green vegetables to transform it into a smoothie-like state so that you squeeze it to get the juices. However, some blenders come with a built-in juicer option.

Also, a high-powered blender is mostly recommended to use for making juices since these blenders are fast and quicks. Besides, these high-efficiency blenders will serve you for an extended period.

Final Words

A blender is an integral part of any kitchen. From blending spices to meat for kebabs, a blender performs a myriad of jobs. But making juice using a blender is the least probable thing that you can imagine.

Luckily, juice making method with a blender is as convenient as you can get. It neither requires any particular skill nor much time.

So, stay at home, stay safe, and try these juice items with your family using your blender.

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