The Secret Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

The pomegranate entered the health food scene as a trend roughly five years ago. Almost overnight this little reddish fruit sprang up in a myriad of forms from supplements to food infusions. It used to be an exotic and hard to find fruit, especially when it came to the local grocery market, but that’s all changed. As a fruit readily available and ready for use, let’s talk about the health benefits of juicing pomegranates and whether you should try it.

Pomegranate Juice Benefits for Men

It’s not often a fruit sports specific benefits for men and women, but this happens to be one of the secrets of the pomegranate! Research has revealed that this rather odd looking fruit, when juiced, has the potential to act as nature’s Viagra.

In 2005, a study was conducted on the long-term effects of pomegranate juice intake in association with erectile dysfunction in animals. The study found that this type of dysfunction is closely linked to free radicals. Juicing pomegranates creates a juice containing large amounts of free radical fighting antioxidants. Per the study, regularly consuming this juice can help combat erectile dysfunction naturally.

The benefits of juicing pomegranates for men doesn’t stop here. In fact, the high antioxidant concentration found in the pomegranate makes it a natural fighter of cancer cells, inducing them to self-destruct. Studies have revealed that a single glass of juice per day can slow the growth of prostate cancer.

Pomegranate Juice Benefits for Women

A series of studies have found that organic pomegranate juice can be of great benefit to pregnant women. As a rich source of important vitamins and minerals (including folic acid), the pomegranate’s juice can aid in nurturing a healthy baby. As an added perk, the natural anti-inflammatory benefits of the juice can encourage healthy blood flow to the developing baby.

Mothers can also benefit from pomegranates while pregnant. The potassium contained in the juiced fruit can help with the reduction of leg cramps, particularly at night. This little fruit can be a natural means of relaxing for a well-deserved night of rest. And while we’re talking babies, if you’ve had trouble getting pregnant, some studies indicate pomegranate consumption can help increase fertility though the validity of these studies has not been completely confirmed.

Just as pomegranates aid men in fighting prostate cancer, they have cancer-fighting benefits for women. Research indicates regular juice consumption can hinder the occurrences of estrogen-responsive breast cancer cells.

A Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

The concentrated level of antioxidants in pomegranate juice, mainly polyphenols, can block and even slow the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries. As a result, integrating the juice as a part of your regular diet can dramatically reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

A study held in 2006 revealed that concentrated pomegranate juice has two significant health benefits. First, it can potentially reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Second, it showed the potential to decrease the risk of heart disease in type 2 diabetic patients who have high blood levels of cholesterol and fat.

Pomegranate Juice May Not Be For Everyone

The benefits of juicing pomegranates are undeniable. This fruit offers many positives for men and women. However, there are two major risks to take into consideration before actively adding pomegranate juice to your diet:

  1. Drug Interactions: While pomegranate juice is healthy to drink daily, it can interfere with some prescription drugs. For example, it has been known to counteract medications taken to treat high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Whether the pomegranate is, a natural replacement for such medications is unknown, but it’s worth discussing with your doctor if you’re going to start juicing.
  2. Increased Blood Sugar: According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), eight ounces of pomegranate juice contains 134 calories and 31.5 grams of total sugars. Roughly 50 percent of the sugar is from glucose and the other 50 percent from fructose. In summary, eight ounces (or one cup) of juice contains almost the same sugar content as a 16-ounce bottle of cola soda. Drinking too much juiced pomegranate can increase blood sugar, which is something diabetics need to consider carefully.

Pomegranate Benefits Outweigh the Risks

Overall, the benefits of juicing pomegranates seem to outweigh the risks. And the risks are limited to those on specific medications or at risk of high blood sugar levels. If you’re thinking about adding pomegranate juice to your diet, check with your physician first. If this juice is safe for you, the benefits are sure to be valuable.

Here is a easy pomegranate juice recipe below.


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