Best Vitamix Blender Reviews – The Definitive Guide 2020

When it comes to kitchen appliances its best to invest on reliable and cost effective appliances that can last long so you don’t have to replace them every so often. It wouldn’t do if you buy an expensive machine one day and it breaks down the other day. So it’s better to spend money on good quality products and Vitamix is a company that has established its reputation for producing best machines for the daily use in kitchens.

Vitamix has been producing high performance blending machines for quite some time, and has become the number one choice for users all over the globe. If you are looking to buy a great blender for your kitchen that can help you create everything from smoothies to complex desserts, then you should definitely get a Vitamix blender.

If you do a little research on a blender that professional and home chefs all over the globe would recommend, you would find out Vitamix blender is a total winner. With a Vitamix blender in your kitchen you can finally try out all the delicious recipes you have been wanting to, and create some magic. Now the big question is which Vitamix blender you should get, there are so many options to choose from. Don’t worry we have made this whole guide to help you decide.

Before you go out to get your blender, you should read up on different types of blenders that are currently available in the market. There are numerous models of Vitamix blenders being sold both at online stores and at your nearest shop, and it can be quite confusing as to which one would suit your needs best. The truth is all these blenders are quite excellent and have different specs. Any one of them would do. Still if you want to do a little research before you invest on it, then read on as we look at all of the Vitamix models one by one.

Top Vitamix Blender Reviews in Depth


For people who want to use a small blender for personal use, Vitamix offers quite a variety of such blenders.

The Vitamix S30 which was released in 2014, is a compact blender that comes with to-go smoothie cup.

The models S50 and S55 that were released a year later are similar but a few extra features have been added such as the preset modes.

Although the maximum capacity of these personal blenders is quite less compared to the other models, but these Vitamix blenders are perfect for making smoothies and carrying them around. These models also cost much less than the models in other series.

The S- Series models are not only compact but they are also dishwasher friendly which makes them easy to clean up after use. The small containers can be used for storage as well.

These Vitamix blenders are 7.7’’ tall and 5.9’’ wide with the depth of 8.3’’.​

The 20-oz container makes the total height of any S-Series blender to be 14.55’’ while with the 40-oz container the total height is about 15.66’’.​

Although these models are smaller in size and have lower power, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to create all the great dishes you can make with other Vitamix blenders. The latest models even have the preset modes like the more expensive models from other series.​

So if you are looking for a compact blender for everyday use that is not so expensive, easy to clean and carry around, the Vitamix S- Series would be the perfect choice for you.


The G- Series models came out in 2012 and were supposed to be the next generation models.

G- Series models include the 7500, Creations Elite, Pro 300, Pro 750 and 780. The models in these series have been updated and some latest features have been added to these to make them perfect for both professional and domestic use.

The base and pitchers of the G-series Vitamix blenders are different from the other models. The 4- inch blade is also specific to these models and so is the short, wide container.

These blenders are designed to muffle sound and prevent the motor from overheating while use.

All those who have used the G- Series models have applauded the up gradation in designs. With the wide container it is easy to scrape the mixtures out. You can chop a larger amount at the same time and the smaller size allows the container to be stored more easily. With the 4- inch blade provides a smoother blend and a faster processing.

Unlike the C- Series models, all the blenders in the “next generation” Vitamix range run quieter and smoother.

With the improved airflow these models are safe to use and tend to heat up less often.

These blenders are even compatible with the containers from the C- Series models so you can use the standard blade containers with these machines as well.

With the new 64-oz container the total height of any model in the G- Series becomes 17.5’’ tall. The base is 7.7’’ wide and 9.4’’ deep.

Although the G- Series models are expensive than other Vitamix blenders, but they are designed to be extremely durable and easy to use.

If you want to buy high performance models and you are not worried about the budget, then go for the G- Series Vitamix blenders.


While the G- Series are the latest thing on the block, some people still prefer to use the old school C- Series models.

The models in the C- Series include 5200, TurboBlend VS, Creations II, Creations GC, Pro 200, CIA Pro, 6300 and Pro 500.

The models have a narrow container which works great even with the smaller quantities unlike the G- Series models.

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The blenders have a 3- inch blade and the containers have a capacity of 64oz. The C- series are model are less costly than the G- series models and some of the models have a compact containers as well.

If you want to understand what makes the C- Series Vitamix unique, you should check out their dimensions and internal working.

The base of all the C- Series models are 8.25’’ tall with the width of 7.25’’ and a depth of 8.75’’.

The C- Series models come with three choices in containers. You can either get a container with a capacity of 32 oz, 48 oz or 64 oz. Depending on what container size you pick the total height of the Vitamix C- Series blender is between 16.9’’ to 20.5’’.

For people who want to buy cost effective blenders with standard functioning, then the C- Series blenders are the perfect choice.

All of these blenders from Vitamix have different features, but they all are reliable and would be a great addition to your kitchen. But if you are more interested in buying blenders with some specific features, such as those with preset modes and those that would fit your budget, then read on as we compare different models based on their features.

Vitamix Blenders Review: Blender with Preset Modes

In this era of technological advancements, people are getting used to equipment that is able to fully function on its own, with minimum involvement from the people.

The preset modes in the Vitamix blenders is something similar and can prove to be very handy especially for users who have a lot to do in the kitchen and want a machine that would save time.

The models that come with the preset mode includes Pro 750, 6000, Pro 500, 6300 and S55. The preset mode allows you to select certain program. Turning it on would make the blender increase the speed automatically and after a fixed time and it would shut off on its own.

For professional chefs this feature is quite useful and even people using blenders at homes can take advantage of it when they are busy cooking a large meal and don’t have time to stand by the blender and chop everything up.

People who have used the Vitamix blenders with these feature have all given great reviews because it allows them the freedom of doing rest of the chores while the blender takes care of the ingredients in it.

For people who like to follow the recipes strictly, such as the chefs in a restaurant, the preset mode can help you select a program that can produce the same results every time you need to blend something. It is also helpful for the beginners who don’t know how long the blender needs to be turned on for and at what speed.

The preset mode sounds like a great feature but that doesn’t mean you can rely on it for everything.

For instance, some ingredients need to be scraped down every so often while blending, so you can’t always turn on the blender and walk away.

Also, sometime you might need to blend something longer than the fixed time for it to be made into a smooth mixture. Like, sometime when you use a smoothie preset program, you can find that your smoothie has not been blended as well as you would have liked it to be.

While the preset mode is perfect for cafes and coffee shops, but when you are experimenting with a new recipe, it’s best not to rely completely over it.

Nonetheless, preset mode is quite useful. And that’s why the Vitamix blenders from all three S, C and G – Series are more expensive than the other models within the series.

it’s entirely up to you whether or not you would like to pay extra for this feature. People who use the blenders for domestic use usually tend to go with the simpler blenders.

But if you find this feature interesting and would like to use it, you should know that you can always switch back to the manual mode in the Vitamix blenders with preset modes if you are not comfortable using it at all times.

Vitamix Blenders With Variable Speed

Having a feature to vary the speed of the blender at which you would like to blend your ingredients can be quite useful. It comes in handy at times when you don’t want to turn your material into a paste and would just like to mix everything up thoroughly, like when you are chopping vegetables or making salsa. Having a variable speed option provides you with a greater control while using the blender and also proves effective to remove bubbles during mixing. So it’s quite a great feature to look for in the blenders both for domestic and professional use.

Almost all the blenders from the Vitamix comes with a control that can help you change the speed to what you want. The two blenders which do not have the variable speed option are Two Speed and 6000. So if you think you can live without this feature then you can try out these two blenders, but if you find it can help you cook those delicious meals you want then look for any Vitamix blender that has the variable speed mode in it.

Refurbished And Reconditioned Vitamix Blenders

Buying a refurbished Vitamix blender can be a great way to save money. If you are a little tight on budget but you want to buy a high performing blender, then you should think about investing on refurbished or reconditioned blenders.

The first thing is to understand the difference between the terms “reconditioned” and “refurbished”. While the reconditioned blenders are fixed up by the Vitamix and are made into something that are as good as new, the refurbished models are those that were made for reuse by a third party. If you are confused as to whether or not these reconditioned models would be good investment, you should know that they are rectified by the same experts at the Vitamix Company who create the new models so you should not worry about their quality. They would work as great as the new models and cost much less.

The refurbished models may not look as shinny as new, some of them even have scratches from previous use. But that doesn’t mean that their insides wouldn’t work as well as any new models. They even come with a warranty, although it is less than that being offered on newer models, but it still gives you the chance to get it changed if you are not satisfied with its working. So all in all, getting a refurbished model in not as risky as it seems. The machinery inside would be durable, even if the appearance isn’t as great as new, and you can get reconditioned Vitamix blenders at a low price.

Vitamix is not only known to create high quality kitchen appliances, the company also makes sure you have a great experience shopping with them. So if you have picked what kind of blender you need and what features you want in your Vitamix blender, then here are a few things you need to know that would help you get your desired blender easily.

Vitamix Warranty

When buying appliances the biggest concern most people what would happen if the appliance doesn’t work as well as what was advertised and what if it breaks down the next day? To give an assurance to people that they would only get the highest quality products, many companies offer their customers a warranty that if the product breaks down during the first few months the company could replace it or fix it for free.

Vitamix is known to provide extremely generous warranty to its customers. Depending on which model you buy, you can get a warranty between 5 to 7 years. Not only that, the company extends its services beyond providing you with a good warranty. If you ever face any trouble you can always talk to someone in the Vitamix headquarters, and if the issue can’t be resolved over the phone Vitamix arranges to have the appliance shipped to their headquarters for repairs. Vitamix would go out of its way to make sure your problem is solved. So you can rest assure that you would not regret buying the Vitamix blender.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Vitamix not only offers a great warranty that would cover you for several years, the company also offers satisfaction guarantee for its users. During the first month you can use the Vitamix blenders and check whether or not you are satisfied with the product. If it doesn’t not fulfill your expectations you can call the company headquarters and inform them that you would like to avail the 30- day satisfaction guarantee.


The 30- day satisfaction guarantee allows you the freedom to try the Vitamix blenders for a few days to see whether or not it would be a good fit in your kitchen. If it doesn’t fill all your requirements or you wanted to buy something with different specs, Vitamix allows you to return the product with the full refund. You can get your money back and what’s more, the company arranges for the product to be shipped back for free. Vitamix is a great company to shop with and you would definitely enjoy shopping with them because they put their customer’s satisfaction above everything else.

Vitamix Payment Plans

Shopping for kitchen appliances can be tough if you have not enough money saved up. Buying low quality, cheap products is not an option. They break down easily and you would have to replace them soon. It’s best to buy durable products even if they cost a little more than you could spare.

If you are a little tight on budget and you still need to get a great blender for your kitchen, then you can check out some of the payment plans the company offers. Log on to and and you can find a variety of payment plans for different models. Vitamix tries to accommodate all of its customers and offers you the chance of buying high quality products at very good rates.

Free Shipping

Online shopping has become the latest trend all over the world. It is very easy to look up the product online, do a little research to find the one you like and then place order. All you have to do next is to wait for the product to be delivered at your doorstep. If you are thinking about buying a good blender for your home then check out the Vitamix site. You can find some great products there with their specs listed out that would make it easy for you to decide. Vitamix offers free shipping for all its products in US and Canada. So you can save a trip to mall and order an excellent blender for yourself without any extra charges. You can even avail the free shipping by ordering on the phone if you use a promotion code. Take advantage of all the awesome things Vitamix is offering and get a reliable blender for your home.

What Else You Can Buy

With a Vitamix blender in your kitchen you can do a lot and try out all sorts of recipes. If you are buying a blender you might be wondering what else you would need with it.

A narrow spatula is a good accessory to get with your blender as it can help you get every last bit of material out of the container. Vitamix also sells a variety of spatulas including nylon and silicon spatulas. You can check those out and get one along with your blender.

Another thing you can get is dry container. The Vitamix dry container has blades that are shaped to push everything inside the container upwards so that all ingredients are mixed evenly. The dry containers can be used with all models of Vitamix blenders. So if you think you would find it useful, you can get it too.

Hopefully this guide would help you decide which blender to get and what features you would want to see in your blender. This detailed guide was to make it easier for you to shop and we hope that you make the right decision and find the perfect Vitamix blender for your kitchen.


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