Koios Juicer Review – Best Affordable Slow Juicer

If I have to describe the KOIOS Juicer in one word, I would say, satisfaction! This would be an extremely suitable choice for anyone who is looking for a good quality juicer within a low price. Yes, it comes at an extremely low price but the best part is, that doesn’t reflect on its performance. Delivers high juice yield which is something that everyone wants.

Having that said, yes, it lacks few features which high-end juicers have. But I don’t think that would bother you much because the main reason for getting a good juicer is to have fresh juice. And this Koios juicers delivers that. However, I have made an in-depth review of this juicer, take a look, it might turn extremely beneficial for you.

 KOIOS Juicer

Features of Koios Juicer

From the advantages to the disadvantages, I didn’t leave anything inside the bush. Explained each feature broadly so that you can understand better. Spend 5-minutes on this review and then decide whether to pick this juicer or not.

Slow Juicing

It does slow juicing, runs at only 80 RPM. You might get the juice ready late but the quality will be up to the mark. It doesn’t matter if you get the juice quick or slow, as long as the quality is fine you should be okay. Slow juicers are extremely popular in the market because they keep the nutrition of the juice intact, which is rare in juicers that run at faster RPM.

Plus, in a slow juicer, you can store the juice yield for a longer period. In this Koios, juice can be stored up to 72 hours.

Quiet Operation

It is extremely irritating when juicer wakes the entire home up in the early morning. Unlike some juicers, Koios juicers don’t make noise while squeezing the juice out. With this very model, you can prepare juice when everyone else is sleeping. It makes close to no noise at all. It works at 60db which shows how quiet it is.

Smart Augar

Another reason how this Koios juicer gives effective juicing is the smart augar. It ensures that no solid part is left with squeezing, as a result, you get the higher juice yield. And not to forget, there is a reverse function as well which catches all the parts that are not smashed.

Easy cleaning

KOIOS Slow Masticating Juicer

No one wants yesterday’s juicing particle on present juice. And that is why cleaning regularly is extremely important. That being said, not all juicers are easy to clean. But thankfully, this Koios juicer isn’t one of them. It comes with a brush that makes cleaning super easy. It is completely dishwasher safe which is great. Though you have to clean the blade and other areas manually but with the brush, it is easy to clean.


It comes with different squeeze settings which enables it to juice almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Even it can pull the juice out of leafy green and citruses. Some juicers are weak is juicing vegetables that are fibrous, but not this Koios juicer. Whether it is pumpkin, garlic, carrot, celery, ground apple, sweet potato, beet, ginger, etc. all can be squeezed in this juicing machine. There is a different setting for juicing fruits like watermelon, apple, grapefruit, lime, oranges, mandarin, tangerine, or other soft fruits like these.

Juice quality

I have mentioned this before, the juicing quality is top-notch. It is a slow juicer that keeps the oxidation at a minimum level so that the juice remains intact and fresh. And if you are worried about the juicer’s construction material, then don’t worry at all. It is made of BPA-free materials so nothing will ruin your juice, you can store juice up to 3-days.


The primary expectation from a glass of juice is, that will complete the daily nutrient requirement. Some compounds that are must in the juice are minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, and vitamin, if your juice misses out on these then it is the same as not having any juice. Fast juicers minimize these compounds but not slow juicers like Koios. It will keep all the necessary nutrients intact. Plus, with this juicer, you wouldn’t experience any foaming and clogging, thanks to the highly efficient pulp ejector.

Easy use

Another satisfying thing about this juicer is its operating process. It is extremely easy to use. There are two juicing modes which I have mentioned before. One is for soft juicing and another is for hard fruits or vegetable juices. Plus assembling and disassembling is also pretty simple, anyone will figure it out easily. However, there will be a manual guide that will make confusion clear.

Why Should You Choose the Koios Juicer?

  • It can extract juice from almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Comes at an extremely affordable price range.
  • Doesn’t make much noise when making juice.
  • Gives the maximum juice yield.
  • Constructed with BPA-free materials.
  • Two juicing modes for soft and hard items.
  • Keeps the needed nutrient intact.
  • Juice can be stored up to 72 hours.

Why Shouldn’t You Choose the Koios Juicer?

  • The juicer doesn’t come with a handle.
  • Comes with a small feed chute.

Final words

Though this Koios juicer comes with some cons but the pros easily outweigh them. I don’t think having a small feed chute and no handle would be a major issue. You can cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces and then put inside through the small feed chute. And the lack of handle could be a little uncomfortable when serving the juices on glassed but you can adjust that I think.

The price it comes in and the quality it offers, that outweighs all the disadvantages of this juicer. The main goal is to have glasses of nutrient-filled fresh juices and this juicer offers that at a low price. What else you need? Lastly, if you have a budget issue and want to get your hands on a good juicer, I would suggest you to go with this one without any worries. Hope this Koios juicer reviews help.

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