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7 Best Easy To Clean Juicer To Look At This Year

Choosing the best easy to clean juicer is extremely important if you want to enjoy quality healthy juices and avoid cleanup burnouts every time you use the device.

The wrong juicer does not only take longer to clean but can also put you off the whole juicing experience, including all the foredeals that come with the appliance. This is why you should only give a whirl to the best models in the market.

Thanks to technological advancements, nowadays, we have so many juicers designed to ensure easy cleaning. Again, there are still many products out there that can be very difficult to clean and others that are easy to clean but slow.

After all, you don’t want to sacrifice either one of quality or shorter cleanup times. Good for you; we are here to help you make the right decision and choose a juicer you can be proud of.

Top 3 Easy To Clean Juicers

Our Top Pick
Juicer Machines, Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean
Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel
Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center
80 RPM
12,000 RPM
80 RPMs
Safe PMMA material, easy to assemble, operate, and clean, dishwasher-safe
Extra wide 3 inch feeder chute, 850 watt dual speed motor, Safety locking arm and more
Our Top Pick
Juicer Machines, Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean
80 RPM
Safe PMMA material, easy to assemble, operate, and clean, dishwasher-safe
Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel
12,000 RPM
Extra wide 3 inch feeder chute, 850 watt dual speed motor, Safety locking arm and more
Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center
80 RPMs

To make sure you don’t regret purchasing a hard-to-clean juicer or one that’s probably worth less than its price tag, we’ve compiled a list of the best easy to clean juicers currently available in the market today.

Take advantage of the flexibility we’re offering you and pick a juicer that will afford you the best juicing experience. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

7 Easy To Clean Juicers Review

1. AICOK Juicer Masticating Slow Juicer

Like Omega, AICOK is another brand with a huge line of famous juicers. The Aicok slow masticating juicer is one of their top quality models and without doubts one of the best in the market with a great price tag.

So if you need a high-quality juicer that boasts of the highest standard in the industry, then this model will make a perfect choice. And for all the amazing benefits it offers, it still comes as one of the most cost-effective options available.

Compared to most standard juicers, this model extracts more juice and vitamins up to 20% and 30%, respectively. In other words, it's not only the device that's easy to clean, but the juice it produces is also rich, and high quality, depending on the leafy greens and fruit produce you feed into the unit.

With a massive container of 45 ml for holding your juice and a 65 mm wide feeder chute, you will agree that this machine is ideal for home use.

However, what really makes it stand out from most of the juicers in its category is its easy-to-clean design. All you have to do is to dismantle each part of the machine and clean with water and good washing soap.

There are two different speed choices to choose from and a safety locking arm to ensure safe and easy operation. If you want a horizontal masticating juicer that will not disappoint, this model will make a perfect choice.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning this juicer is pretty easy; all you need to do is disassemble the unit and wash with water and any standard dishwashing soap.

Feel free to wash under your dishwasher. And if you wish, you can pop the device into the machine and soak in warm water for a few minutes. However, the best way to clean the juicer is to dismantle it after juicing and rinse each part. Also, remember to brush the mesh/juicing screen.

Overall, the AICOK juicer is a great product and is probably worth more than its price tag.

2. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain, 850-Watt Juice Extractor

When it comes to the best juicer brands in the market today, Breville holds a special position. This is why it comes as no surprise that they are responsible for one of the best centrifugal juicers around.

Thanks to its beautiful appearance, this juicer helps to complement the existing style of your kitchen space. It is sturdy and dishwater-friendly and comes with a powerful 850-watt motor which can process both soft fruits and hard veggies.

The juicer can be operated at two speeds – 6500 rpm and 12000 rpm. The lower speed is ideal for soft fruits while the larger one can be used for harder vegetables.

To ensure more convenience, the feed chute of this unit is made up of 3 inches wide. This means you don't have to slice and dice your fruits or veggies before putting them into the machine.

The polymer body of the Breville JE98XL ensures its durability and makes the machine strong enough to withstand vibrations. The appliance's plastic components are all BPA free, and it is both easy to use and clean.

Cleaning Process

This unit comes with a brush that makes it easier to clean. The only tough part in the cleaning process is the strainer, which has to be well scrubbed. After that, all that is left is to touch the other detachable parts with some water. In case you don’t want to wash with water, feel free to use your dishwater.

3. Omega NC8006HDS Juice Extractor

Over time, Omega has maintained an incredible track record in producing quality juicers of high industrial standards. The Omega J8006 is one of their foremost products and is, without doubt, one of the best easy to clean juicers you will find in the market today.

The product incorporates a lot of cool features that make it very easy to use and maintain. It comes with a superior design which includes a unique facet not common with most juicers in its category. This helps to enhance your kitchen's overall appearance and stir the artistic sensibility of anyone present. More so, you have the opportunity to choose from several color options depending on your style and preference.

Interestingly, this machine is equipped with an 80RPM speed motor, which delivers impressive power and speed to help you get more yields from your leafy greens in a shorter time. The use of a 110 voltage supply also helps prevent clogging and foaming, and heat buildup within the device.

One would expect that the Omega J8006 would be on the pricey side with all its excellent qualities. Fortuitously, this is not the case. This is one of the most budget-friendly juicers you will find out there that offers you the best quality and convenience.

Cleaning Process

The Omega J8006 is pretty easy to clean juicer. And this is mainly because it has fewer parts, which is expected for horizontal juicers.

Also, assembling and disassembling the unit is a breeze, and you don't need any special tools to accomplish this. Just give a quick twist by turning a few knobs, and the whole thing comes apart without any stress.

Once you've successfully pulled out the parts, go ahead and rinse each one with water, getting rid of all the pulp bits and any other leftovers.

A brush is also included with the unit you can use to brush the screen, thereby making the whole process a lot easier and more efficient. You should likely spend two to three minutes on the process if you're not distracted.

4. Kuvings BPA-Free C7000S Whole Slow Juicer

Ever since the first whole slow juicer was introduced in the market, few models like the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer C7000S have continued to grow in popularity and promotion due to the amazing benefits they provide to users.

If you need an expert masticating juicer to take on your chunk carrots and apples, then you can’t go wrong with this excellent juicer. The Kuvings C7000S is more like an improvement from the B6000 series.

It utilizes the same 60 rpm motor, which makes it ideal for extracting juice from both soft and hard produce, as well as your leafy greens. However, it features a new scraper design, which helps you to mix your smoothies more efficiently.

The overall design and construction of the unit also help to increase juicing efficiency and also prevent leakage. You are likely going to be impressed with this juicer's sleeker look, which is complemented by the luxurious appeal of its smart cap.

Since the appliance comes in 3 different color options – silver, red, and gold – you have the chance to choose anyone that suits your style and preference.

The C7000S is more than just a fountain juicer, with an extra attachment; it can also be used to make frozen sorbets and smoothies. However, ice cannot be added to it. An optional sieve is provided to prepare a pulp-free juice, which you can use with the juice cup.

Even though this machine can take on some whole produce, we recommend cutting them into small chunks before feeding into the machine.

Cleaning Process

Q. How easy to clean Kuvings juicer?

This appliance can only be washed manually since it’s not dishwater safe. However, if you do not welcome the idea, then you may consider other juicer options on the list.

But cleaning by hand should only take you a few minutes anyway, especially if you decide to wash the machine immediately after use.

There are aids to make cleaning easier. All you need to do is to dismantle a few parts, and you are good to go.

5. Omega VSJ843QS Juicer - Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer

If you are tired of using old model juicers and want to see what a next-generation juicer would be like, then the Omega VSJ843QS vertical slow masticating juicer is your brand.

This juicer is not only top rated but also one of the latest offerings from Omega. And given their incredible track record in the world of masticating juicers, it’s no surprise this product also takes the same feat.

This unit comes with a good number of innovations and improvements from previous Omega brands, which makes it compete favorably with other products in its category. This makes it one of the most desired vertical masticating juicers in the market at the moment.

Apart from other upright slow juicers, the major features that set the Omega VSJ843QS include its double-edged auger, automatic cleaning system, and super silent operation.

It can produce juice from almost any kind of fruit, which includes both soft and hard produce. You can also use it to juice different recipes (even those that require ginger) and prepare weight loss drinks like soy and almond milk.

This machine operates at only 43 rpm, which is expected since it’s a slow masticating juicer. But the quiet processing time is not without its benefits, as the juice produced is rich in nutrients and flavor and comes out at a greater yield higher than most juicers that run faster.

Cleaning Process

Thanks to its effective auto cleaning system, this appliance is very easy to clean and maintain. Once you are done preparing any juice or recipe, pour it out to a receiving container like your cup or jar, then close the juice flap.

To quickly clean the unit for the next recipe, you can switch on the juicer and pour up to 15 fl. oz of water into the juicing bowl to give it a quick rinse. Empty the bowl once the water is discolored.

You need to detach the parts for proper cleaning and then soak in a dishwashing basin with warm water and baking soda. Allow to stay for 30 minutes, then rinse the parts and couple together.

You can also clean by hand washing the parts, rinse them, and then drying. The entire process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Since all the detachable parts of this unit are dishwasher safe, you can also place them on the top rack for cleaning. But make sure this is done at a low temperature.

6. Tribest Green Star GSE-5000 Twin Gears Juicer

Sometimes what you need is a juicer that won't disappoint in terms of nutrient quality and yield. Given the vast number of models in the market with varying functionality and convenience, finding such a juicer can be difficult, especially if you don't have a few dollars to spend on a Norwalk.

Herein, the Green Star GSE-5000 from Tribest is one of the closest options you will ever find. This machine is equipped with many advanced features that make it one of the best quality masticating juicer in the market at the moment.

It runs at 100 rpm to reduce oxidation and retain the nutrients in your juice. The nutrient in the extracted juice can last for up to 3 days without losing its quality.

Besides nutrient and enzyme preservation, the twin gears used in this unit also ensure better yield through its adjustable end cap. You can process various fruit products and foods pasta, nut creams, and more – thanks to the homogenizing accessories that come with the machine.

This unit is not only to clean but also assemble and operate. The inclusion of cleaning tools like brushes and scraper makes it even more convenient to maintain.

Overall, the GSE-5000 is one of the most versatile and multi-functional masticating juicers in the market today. It comes at a reasonable price – though expensive – considering its many unique advanced features, rare with many products in its category.

Cleaning Process

Since this is not a horizontal auger juicer, it will take longer to clean since it comes with more parts. However, if you clean under running water, you shouldn’t spend more than 4 – 6 minutes, which is quite fair.

But you have some challenge cleaning the screen part of the machine. Thankfully, a cleaning brush is provided to make it easier and faster. You can also use the scraper provided to scrap out anything that still clings on.

7. Super Angel 5500 twin gear juicer

If you are running after a juicer to prepare large batches of nutrient-rich juice at a go, then the Super Angel Stainless Steel Twin Gear 5500 juicer will make a perfect choice. Although the brand name might not be trendy in the juicing world, this particular model surely deserves some credit for its incredible quality and performance.

As indicated in its name, the Super Angel 5500 is made with heavy stainless steel covering both the exterior and interior parts. The use of this material helps to ensure the durability of the machine.

This twin gear juicer can be used to extract high-quality juice from almost any produce rotating at 86 rpm. So whether it's carrot juice, orange juice, peanut butter, or soy you want to prepare, you will find this unit very capable.

It is not only easy to use but also effortless to clean. This way, you don't have to struggle after preparing each recipe. The only flaw with this juicer is that it's somewhat large and requires a lot of space for storage.

So if you have limited space in your kitchen, you might want to consider getting something smaller, especially if you plan to use the juicer alone.

Overall this unit is a high-quality product, very versatile and ideal for whole families. It's definitely worth its price tag.

Cleaning Process

This unit consists of detachable parts that can be easily cleaned by hand. Since its dishwater safe, you can also throw the parts in the top rack of your dishwasher.

There are basically four parts you need to clean. They include screen housing cover, pusher, and the two gears of the machine.

A scraper is provided to help you remove the pulp from the screen. However, you can also use a nylon brush.

Popular Types of Juicers Today

There are fundamentally two types of juicers in the market – centrifugal and masticating.

Centrifugal juicers - extract juice by shredding produce and spinning it to separate from the pulp. Due to their high spinning speed, they usually produce juice in a shorter time, adding heat and oxygen which can reduce the shelf-life of the juice produced.

Although the shredding teeth of most centrifugal juicers are sharp, cleaning them might present a little difficulty. However, these juicers tend to be more affordable than masticating juicers.

Masticating juicers - extract juice by crushing produce and mashing it against a screen. Although they possess incredible power, they are often not as fast as the centrifugal juicers. This is why they are commonly called slow juicers.

However, masticating juicers are generally considered to be more effective for juicing leafy greens than centrifugal juicers and tend to be quieter. They extract 2-3 times more juice and do better at preserving nutrients.

Although they tend to cost more, they are still largely considered by most consumers as the better option. Perhaps, the little extra cash you spend will afford you more benefits in the long run.

What’s the whole point of juicing if it’s not to get more nutrients? While there are different main types of matriculating juicers, the masticating horizontal juicer is the best option since it’s the easiest to clean juicers but there is some vertical juicer which is self-feeding auto cleaning functions. But still all juicers have a juicing screen which is the hard part to clean, we need to use a cleaning brush to clean it.

When Should You Clean the Juicer?

Your entire juicing operation would be incomplete without proper cleaning. This means your juicer should be cleaned immediately after you finish preparing any juice or recipe.

Not cleaning the juicer immediately after use will allow small bits of veggies or fruits to cling on to the device mesh screen or surface.

If allowed to stay for a few hours, these stuck particles might solidify and become much more difficult or impossible to clean. More so, they can easily attract harmful micro-organisms like bacteria.

We advise steeping your juice while you go about cleaning the machine. This will afford you a better-tasting juice and ensure the hygiene and durability of the juicer.

If you are in a hurry to fill your bowels with fresh juice, you can dismantle the juicer and soak the warm water parts.​

Yardsticks of a Juicer That Is Easy To Clean

Since the objective is to buy a juicer that’s easy to clean, it’s also important to evaluate the criteria that determine whether a juicer is easy to clean or not.

Here are the most important yardsticks;

  • Assembling and Disassembling

You want to get a juicer that is easy to dismantle and put together again without any special tool or complicated instructions.

  • Cleaning Aid

You want to get a juicer that comes with a cleaning brush and a scraper. This will help make cleaning more comfortable and faster by removing excess pulp on the juicer screen and auger.

Although you can buy a brush separately, this means additional cost.

  • Dishwasher Safety

You want to get a juicer that is dishwasher safe especially if you’re the type that might not have the time to clean up the unit after each use, probably due to a hectic lifestyle.

  • Surface Material

You want to get a juicer whose surface material doesn't easily get stained or clung to be food bits.

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