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Electro Freeze Slush Machine Not Freezing

The electro freeze slush machine is not freezing, it could be due to low refrigerant or faulty compressor. A professional technician should check and fix such issues. A slush machine is an indispensable appliance in the world of frozen drinks. These machines come in different brands, models, and sizes, catering to the needs of various […]


Dirty Shake: How Often Should a Milkshake Mixer Be Cleaned

A milkshake mixer should be cleaned daily or after each use. Proper cleaning helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure the equipment works efficiently. Neglecting to clean a mixer can lead to contamination and improper functionality. Maintaining equipment and keeping it clean is crucial in any food service industry. Milkshake mixers are no […]


How Much Juice in One Orange

One orange typically contains around 1/2 cup or 4 ounces of juice. Oranges are a widely popular fruit known for their juicy and sweet taste. Many people enjoy a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed orange juice as a healthy and tasty breakfast drink or post-workout beverage. Besides being rich in vitamin c, oranges also contain […]


Is Your Margaritaville Machine Dishwasher Safe? Find Out Now!

Yes, the margaritaville machine is dishwasher safe. It is designed to be easily disassembled and cleaned in the dishwasher. Are you looking to buy a margaritaville machine but unsure if it’s dishwasher safe? Well, the good news is that you can relax and pour yourself a drink, because the margaritaville machine is indeed dishwasher safe. […]


How to Clean Margarita Machine: Easy and Effective Tips.

To clean a margarita machine, follow these steps: first, unplug the machine and disassemble its parts. Then, clean with soap and water, rinse thoroughly, and dry completely. Margarita machines are popular in bars, restaurants and homes because they can blend cold beverages, creating a refreshing and soothing drink. However, a problem with cleaning the machine […]


Ninja Blender Blinking Red

The ninja blender might blink red due to an overloaded or overheated motor. To troubleshoot, unplug the blender, wait for 15 minutes, and make sure there is enough liquid and ingredients in the jug before reusing it. Ninja blenders have become a must-have in modern kitchens as they make blending and juicing easier. The blender […]


Is Naked Juice Bad for You

Naked juice can be bad for you due to its high sugar content and potential glyphosate exposure. Naked juice is a popular brand of fruit and vegetable juices marketed as a healthy and natural option. However, its high sugar content and potential exposure to glyphosate, a controversial herbicide, have raised concerns about its health benefits. […]


Nama Juicer Stopped Working

If your nama juicer has stopped working, first unplug it and check for any visible damages or blockages in the components. If you cannot identify the issue, contact customer support for further assistance. Juicing is an excellent way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals with the comfort of home. It is both […]