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About Rose Smith

If you have been in the juicing industry for any length of time, you must have heard the name, Rose Smith. She is an incredibly talented juice maker who has won dozens of competitions and several awards too. And she is sharing her knowledge on juice recipes and other information’s with folks for very long through a different way.

The Journey

At an early age, Rose Smith applied for a job in a well-known juicer manufacturer company (we can’t mention the company name, sorry for that) and luckily she was hired. With time working there, she became really passionate about fresh juices. Even she brought a juicer at home and tried some juice recipe.

Her neighbor was about to kick her off because the Centrifugal juicer she bought, makes intolerable noise.  However, Rose was loving the experiences of making different types of fresh juice out of fruits every single day. And that’s how she got started.

She quit her job. In 2012 she started joining into competitions and was not winning any. And that didn’t break her, instead, it helped her to reach here today. Day & night she kept trying to be better from yesterday, was reading everything about healthy juices and stuff.

And besides that she was again started joining to competitions and this time, she was winning most of it. So that’s how she developed herself and stood on own feet. Plus, she really thinks, having fresh juices once a day, can keep a human healthy. It cures a lot of diseases which most don’t even know.


She has gone into the Brigham Young University and Arizona State University. She completed the course and graduated Cum Laude Honors from ASU along with a BA degree in Communication. Though her educational background is not even close to her carrier, life always doesn’t go as planned.

Further planning?

She is planning on to release some recipe books which are her very own. Also looking forward to publishing a book on the benefits of juices. That’s all, we don’t think she has any plan other than these.

However, our main goal is to provide you with the best always. After all, we are humans, any unintentional mistake can take place anytime, so it would be your duty to notify us that. Stay with us!