Tribest SW-2000-B Slowstar Vertical Slow Cold Press Juicer and Mincer

The new Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and unique Mincer has a low speed of 47 RPM which prevents excessive foam to the juice and preserves the live enzymes, nutrients also essential vitamins and minerals destroyed by the friction or rolling heat to the juicer. The powerful 200 Watt motor and 3-stage speed reduction manual gears process the equal amount of torque as a 9 HP motor, preventing jamming and delays. The Dual Blade, Dual-Edged Auger creates a double cut both side, doing twice as much more work compared to a traditional auger around in the market.
The Slowstar’s powerful 200 Watt motor which has a bigger twisting force and 3-stage speed reduction prevent jamming by producing 30 ft. lbs. of torque, which is more than 2-4 times the crushing force produced by other slow juicers. At such a low RPM, it’s critical that enough torque is generated to crush through hard vegetables such as carrots, or fibrous vegetables such as celery. Not only does higher torque prevent jamming and unnecessary delays, it reduces overall stress on the machine and takes 3 times less amount of time to juice your favorite recipes.

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  • Low Speed of 47 RPM
  • Dual blade Double-Edged Auger
  • Includes Mincing Attachment
  • 3-Stage Speed Gears
  • Torque power equal to 9 HP motor
  • 100% BPA-free Housing & Casing
  • Virtually BPA-free including Ultem Auger & Screen
  • 10 Year service Warranty

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Juice Cap – The juice cap prevents leaks and drips while switching juice containers. The juice cap is detachable for easy cleaning. Close the juice outlet to pre-mix your juice, if desired. Closing the cap and adding water to the auger housing helps to pre-rinse the juicing screen for easier cleanup.
Mincing Attachment – The included mincing attachment transforms your Slowstar into a multi-purpose tool that allows you to create your favorite recipes like sorbets, nut butters, and sauces.


The Power of the Duo Blade
Unlike other slow juicers, the Duo blade double-edged auger does twice the work of single edged augers. The Duoblade rapidly cuts and crushes your produce while producing higher yields with less pulp in the juice. It’s also made of Ultem, which is 8 times stronger than cheap plastics used in other slow juicers.



Inside the Box:

  • Main Body
  • Juicing Attachment
  • Mincing Attachment
  • Stainless Steel Strainer
  • Plunger
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Duo blade Double-Edged Ultem Auger
  • Ultem Juicing Screen
  • Pulp Wiping Assembly
  • Juice/Pulp Containers


Advantages of the product:

  • Continuous Juicing for 45 minutes & pulp ejection
  • High Juice extraction– Very very dry pulp
  • 8 Times Stronger and sharper GE Ultem Auger
  • Heavy Duty and long lasting Motor & build quality type
  • Healthy, Long-Lasting Juice up to 72 hours
  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • Working parts are BPA free except motor all parts are washable
  • 10-year service Warranty


Disadvantages of the product:

  • Harder to clean properly than some others juicers around in the market
  • Not for fruit only juicing
  • Relatively high price

Find this slowstar juicer best price at Amazon