Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer

Comes with a unique vertical design, which combines the ability to masticate juice. Well as the compactness of centrifugal juicers. We all know that Masticating Juicers keep the veggie or fruits pulp on track, it helps the juice make it tastier and less watery. This unique design VRT350 also gives you maximum durability. Other Masticating juicers offers you pain when you buy but this unique VRT350 design gives you comfort and less pain. Anytime you want to drink juice, no need to push any fruits or veggies through the feeder. So put the veggie and the fruit inside the feeder, the rest will be done by the juicer. This slow gyrate augur (80 rpm) makes sure that the essential nutrients are not ravaged and prevents excessive foam. Which allow the juice stored up to 72 hours without derogation.

Product Detail and Looks

  •  Fits well in the kitchen takes small spaces.
  •  Crushing type juicer no blade.
  •  Twin chamber juicing, first extracts then juicing.
  •  Heavy duty screen.
  •  Auto pulp ejection.
  •  Weighted around 21.85 pounds while shipping.
  •  Ten years’ service warranty.


Good Side

  •  Easy to clean.
  •  Low sound while juicing.
  • Unique VRT350 technology helps crusher and the motor last longer.
  • Omega VRT350 has three settings: on, off and reverse if something got stuck while juicing at that time reverse and make your juicer clear.

Bad Side

  •  Because of the feeding tube, you will have to cut everything smaller
  • Very slow in juicing.

Omega VRT350 Review

Some customer complained that while juicing the pulp ejection mechanism is not effective, owing to frequent clogging up, so the pulp ends up in the juice. While juicing leafy veggie it will take time and sometimes the leaf got stuck inside as well and the foam comes out heavily. And also due to the small feeder, every veggie and fruit need to cut into small chunks before inserting into the juicer.


Q.1. if we juice softer foods like pineapple, pears, orange grapes besides other greens, does it work for those items as well?
It juices those items very well. I personally juiced pineapple, greens, carrot, and beets also. I personally find out for the best result of juicing. For more appropriate juicing experience alternate item when juicing.

Q.2. is it easy to clean?
It is easy to clean and it is not as well. If you want to pull it apart in a blink of an eye you can pull it apart. It totally depends on your juicing, hard veggie such like carrot if you juice it you may clean it easily. But if you juice orange or pineapple such likes other juicy tropical juice it will be a bit hard to clean. Better when you finished juicing doesn’t let the leftover dry inside. Better for everyone when juicing is done instantly clean it and make the juicer dry.

Q.3 Can anyone put frozen rock-hard fruits or veggies into this machine, does it possibly damage it?
We haven’t tried anything like that the gimlet is a bit tough enough to extract anything. If you put pulpy fruit like strawberry and its hard frozen simply it may be extracted, maybe it will not juiced. Better off if you blended.